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The following day Gibson collapsed during practice session and Gorō rushed to the hospital to see Gibson Gibson revealed to Gorō that in a chance meeting with Momoko 10 years ago he asked her why she had not accepted any monetary compensation from him Momoko smiled gently and asked Gibson to remain a top-class baseball player until Gorō grows up so that Gorō could be proud of having a father who hit a home run from such a great pitcher and that would be enough for her and for Gorō Momoko's kind words had been the pillar that supported and drove Gibson all these years but he felt if he could not complete this Baseball World Cup and play against Gorō on the mound he would have failed Gorō and Momoko Gorō comforted Gibson telling him that he had done enough and to just watch Gorō and Junior's showdown. Want to save time? Sign up with your facebook account now fLogin with Facebook Or complete the. Despite losing the match against Kaido Seishū High school was the only team that actually put up a fight against the Koshien champion As a result Gorō attracted the eyes of many scouts including the Yokohama Marine Stars and the Tokyo Warriors However upon learning that Joe Gibson is still pitching in MLB and dedicated his 300-win achievement to his "young friend in Japan" Gorō lost interest in Japanese professional baseball and went to America to try out for the Major League Meanwhile Sato is recruited by the Tokyo Warriors while Mayumura is recruited by the Yokohama Marine Stars.

The story of Major follows the life of Gorō Honda from kindergarten to being a professional baseball player seeking and overcoming tremendous challenges Subsections are divided according to how the official website split. The series concluded in the 32nd issue of Shōnen Sunday for 2010 while the 78th and final volume of the series was released in the middle of December 2010 together with a special original video animation (OVA).[2] Gorō's 95 mph (153 km/h) fastball (99 mph in anime) while ineffective against Major League sluggers allowed Gorō to start in Triple A instead of the rookie league At first he joined the Cougars but was soon released after a fight with Joe Gibson Jr from the Oklahoma Falcons Eventually Gorō joined the Memphis Bats an aggressive but defensively weak baseball team It was during this time that Gorō begin seriously training to fully control his fastball. After the baseball season was over Gorō returned to Japan Shimizu finally told Gorō her feelings for him and they became a couple On the other hand Gorō learned from Toshi that there is going to be a Baseball World Cup the following year hosted in America and for the first time Major League players will be allowed to compete in it Due to Gorō's impressive performances in the practice match between Rookies and the All-Star Japan team he was selected as a replacement pitcher starting the second round of preliminaries Gorō pitched as the closer against Venezuela and South Korea earning a win and a save respectively Then Mayumura earned a win pitching as closer against the Dominican Republic advancing Japan to the semi-finals.

Sign in with your facebook account fLogin with Facebook Or with here account Don't have an account? Immediately after they graduate middle school they are sent to Dream Island where they undergo 6 months of hard training He meets new friends there and even helps them through their tough times He then proceeds to the Atsugi campus where he defeats the scholarship team despite the anger of the 2nd team director Gorō and Toshiya make the junior varsity team and spend a year and half together as teammates However in their second year Gorō reveals that his true desire is to challenge the excellent players of Kaido instead of playing on the same team as them His friend Toshiya is hurt by Gorō's decision but respects him for it The season ends with Gorō leading the junior varsity team to victory over a scrimmage against the varsity team and with Gorō quitting Kaido High School to play for another team.

He later pinch hits in the game against Tomonoura so he could get a chance. Major is a sports series by Takuya Mitsuda It has been serialized in Weekly Shōnen Sunday and has been collected in 78 tankōbon volumes In 1996 it received the Shogakukan Award for shōnen.[1] In 2015 Shogakukan started publishing Major 2nd a sequel series featuring the life of Gorō's son Daigo The sequel series received an anime adaptation that premiered on April 2018 on NHK-E.[5] After the finals,Gorō seems to have lost the desire to play baseball and almost quitted again,as he went back to Japan instead of going on his evening flight to Florida for the spring seeing his old teammates play like kids in Japan,mifune baseball field however,he seemed to have rekindled the desire to continue doing so and therefore left for Florida for the hornets. Sorry we just need to make sure you're not a robot For best results please make sure your browser is accepting cookies. Shimizu came to America to cheer Gorō on and encountered Toshiya's younger sister Miho Sato The day before the semi-finals match against Cuba Toshiya accidentally ran into his sister and the traumatic memories of being abandoned by his parents 7 years ago were reawakened Toshiya's body went into involuntary shock and was temporarily hospitalized Miho felt guilty about the incident but Toshiya called her on the phone and asked her to come watch the next game By knowing his sister is somewhere in the audience Toshiya felt he would be able to do his best Toshiya made several excellent plays against Cuba's aggressive offensive in the semi-finals and Gorō got the win as the closer. After the tournament defeat against Kaido Junior High Gorō decided to go to Kadio High in order to improve his pitching to the level of Mayumura Gorō his friend Komori and Toshiya decide to try out for the baseball team of the prestigious private high school Kaido Komori is disqualified in the Kaido baseball club test and is forced to go to Mifune High Gorō and Toshiya get through the first round of the test After the test there is an academic examination which Gorō also "succeeds in" as it is a test of determination. After the Cuba game Gibson Jr revealed to the Team USA's manager as well as Gorō that his father Joe Gibson had angina pectoris Junior hoped that the manager and Gorō might be able to dissuade Gibson from getting on the mound and potentially kill himself However with players mostly in an "exhibition game" mentality Gibson got on the mound in the 8th inning in the USA vs Venezuela semi-finals risking his heart to awaken the baseball spirit of his teammates. Back in Japan with renewed determination Gorō led the Mifune Dolphins through various trials and practice matches intending to defeat Yokohama Little the best team in the region In the end the Mifune Dolphins do defeat Yokohama Little but Gorō gets injured for a few months At the end of the season Gorō's adoptive mother marries Hideki Shigeno and the new family plan to move to Fukuoka when Shigeno is traded from the Marine Stars Gorō unable to tell his teammates leaves without a goodbye thus leaving them heartbroken. The father and son were struck a cruel blow when Honda's arm injury prevents him from continuing his baseball career as a pitcher Gorō was especially shaken by the fact that his father would not be able to continue as a baseball player anymore To Honda his son and baseball are all he has left in his life; his wife had died 2 years ago For his son's sake Honda took up his best friend's advice revived his batting instincts and successfully transformed into a slugger A midst all this turmoil Momoko was drawn deeper and deeper into the family's life Eventually Honda proposed to Momoko. In 2006 the anime series ranked 46th in an poll conducted by TV Asahi on Japan's favorite animated TV series A Celebrity List of the same poll placed the anime series at the 70th spot.[14] Won the 41st Shogakukan Award in the Shounen category in 1996 On April 4 2018 it was announced that the Major 2nd had 5.6 million copies in print for the first 13 volumes.[15] Three years have passed since Momoko Hoshino unmarried adopted Gorō as her own son upon Honda's death When Gorō reached fourth grade he was finally old enough to join the local little league team the Mifune Dolphins However the local kids were mostly interested in soccer and Gorō had to get new friends he made at school to join in order to have enough members to keep the team from being dismantled. In 2005 sporting goods manufacturer Mizuno entered into a one-year agreement with Shogakukan to have their company logo appear in the baseball equipment used by Goro Shigeno and other characters in the series Under the agreement Mizuno would also use the Goro Shigeno character in other promotional events.[12] An article from the Boston Globe credits the series for helping increase the popularity of the gyroball pitch[13] Gorō's father Shigeharu Honda was a pitcher struggling between the major and minor teams of the NPB Nonetheless Gorō looked up to his father and wished to be a professional baseball player just like his father Gorō's mother Chiaki Honda died from an unknown disease when he was younger Aside from his father Gorō was very close to two other people—Momoko Hoshino and Toshiya Sato Momoko was Gorō's kindergarten teacher and especially watched out for Gorō because there are no other kids of Gorō's age at the kindergarten Toshiya was another kid in the neighborhood the only one Gorō could find of his own age and to whom Gorō taught baseball. As the new MLB season began Gorō performed extremely well for the Hornets in the exhibition matches On his first official MLB match he pitched a no-hit no-run game up until the 8th inning when he suddenly lost control On his second game his pitches started to go wild by the 5th inning Suspecting yips his catcher Keene stopped Gorō from voluntarily stepping off the mound gambling on the chance that Gorō can overcome his fears with a new success Unfortunately Gorō ended up throwing at the batter in the head and was ejected by the umpire In his third game Gorō was unable to retire a single batter He was removed from the game in the first inning and sent back to AAA Bats until his situation improves.